New Enzo Siffredi-LP „Raw“

Enzo Siffredi - Raw

London-based DJ and Producer Enzo Siffredi just released his new LP „Raw“ on Wired. It´s nothing less than a step into a new world and distinguishs a lot from earlier Siffredi-productions.

On „Raw“ Enzo managed to set is own standards in House and Minimal music and refined his styles, by adding some all new influences. His pretty much unique way of implementing a diverse range of vocals and sounds, starting with classical UK Garage parts over mantra-like voices to catchy guitar chords and bass lines are ear-catching. The Intro „First Song“ and the „Sunny Interlude“ are surprisingly instrumental and melodic and create a very flashy contrast to the housy parts, in which Enzo proves once again that he´s a master of his craft. Especially „Canna“, „Flap those wings“ and „Toys N Snatches“ will be heard on dancefloors everywhere. Build-Ups, drops and breaks are being used intuitively here and lead to a dancefloor-compatible tension, without being monotonous and trivial.

All in all, Enzo Siffredi developed his own style and added some spectacular features, which once and for all manifest his outstanding role as a producer and DJ.
Definitely worth listening!