Round Two of our new series „TC2 Collection“. This time we will roam between French Chanson, the roots of Chicha Sounds, HipHop Legends, Contemporary Soul, Taiwanese Neo Disco, dubby Soundscapes and much more. Never loose the groove to find a note! Enjoy! Continue reading

dunkelbunt spicesredo

Vienna-based Producer Dunkelbunt will finally return with a new release next year and, from what we can hear so far, he´s once again reinventing himself. Continue reading


From now on we will sporadicly publish an eclectic Spotify-collection of our current picks. A Mixtape, just like in the good old days.
This time we´re gonna take you on a trip through crooning Soul, Disco licks, Austro-Pop up to futuristic Funk and House. Continue reading


In ein paar Wochen jährt sich der Fall der Mauer zum 25.Mal. Jenseits von pompösen Feierlichkeiten und nationalem Einheitstaumel lohnt sich ein Blick auf die kulturellen Nischen und Subkulturen in der DDR, für die der Fall der Mauer alles veränderte. Continue reading