Third time is a charm. Round three of the TC2-Collection, including a cross-bordering journey through music history and styles.

„Bird´s lament“ by avantgardist Moondog, who is shrouded in legends and inspiration for various modern producers like Mr.Scruff. The Afro-Hungarian Soul/Afro-Beat Singer Sena Dagadu calls out for peace in „Accra City People“
and the Austro-Pop sensation Bilderbuch hits the dancefloor with „Spliff“, followed by Claptone´s „Cream“, a melodic Deep House masterpiece. All this and much more in our 19-songs long TC2 Collection #3.


From now on we will sporadicly publish an eclectic Spotify-collection of our current picks. A Mixtape, just like in the good old days.
This time we´re gonna take you on a trip through crooning Soul, Disco licks, Austro-Pop up to futuristic Funk and House. Continue reading