Goulash Disko Festival

Goulash Disko

This year´s TC2-summer conclusion will take place on the beautiful island of Vis in Dalmatia/Croatia. The Goulash Disko Festival is something extraordinary: It´s crowd-funded, non-profit and with the capacity of 700 people a tiny festival.

The idea is not to overcrowd the beach and live in harmony with the nature, the locals and each other. Nevertheless the guys managed to stage an amazing line-up, including DJs and musicians from all over the world, including all styles you can possibly imagine: From Dub, Reggae, Afrobeat, Ska, Balkan Beats to Electro Swing, Ghetto Funk, Tropical Beats, Cumbia Breaks and many more.

Check out the little selection, we picked out for you:


The Vienna-based Producer, DJ, musician and compiler is a true music detective and a wizard, when it comes to the reinterpretation of, well almost every style, we mentioned before. We were lucky enough to play with him in Austria twice and we´re curious and thrilled about the set he´s going to play on this year´s Goulash Disko Festival.


The seven East-Londoners found their own, very unique way of blending their love for Ska with HipHop tunes and a Punk attitude, including political messages. There´s an album on the way, so we can´t wait to see the new Rags Rudi stuff live on stage.



Label-boss on Scour Records, member of The Hong Kong Ping Pong Club and Blogger on www.ghettofunk.co.uk. Those are just a few of Spinforth´s activities. Although it´s impossible to name every style of his universe, he´s definitely a specialist when it comes to HipHop, GlitchHop, Mash-Ups and Breakbeat. James Evans a.k.a. Spinforth is one of the strongest supporters of the community approach, as he constantly supports producers and musicians to participate in the Ghetto Funk-network.

In order to get the glimpse of an insight, check out last year´s Aftermovie…

…and the Soundcloud playlist, including many of the Goulash Disko 2014 artists.