Oliver S Jimi Jules Pushing on

Today´s Track of the day features an amazingly uplifting song by Oliver $ & Jimi Jules, which inspired Director Ian Robertson, known for his work for Dizzee Rascal and Duke Dumont, to a pretty remarkable video. Continue reading


From now on we will sporadicly publish an eclectic Spotify-collection of our current picks. A Mixtape, just like in the good old days.
This time we´re gonna take you on a trip through crooning Soul, Disco licks, Austro-Pop up to futuristic Funk and House. Continue reading


In ein paar Wochen jährt sich der Fall der Mauer zum 25.Mal. Jenseits von pompösen Feierlichkeiten und nationalem Einheitstaumel lohnt sich ein Blick auf die kulturellen Nischen und Subkulturen in der DDR, für die der Fall der Mauer alles veränderte. Continue reading


Automatisch, a brand new gadget by The Carlson Two and Turtur!
Three-Piece Package!
Multiplayer Mode:Play with up to 300 players!
Win-Win situations only!
New Age Electronic Score Sound!

Tonight in Fuchs & Elster. Future Funk. Disco Dub. Hip House.
It´s so on!
Automatisch, an!